I suck.

I’m sorry.

There are plenty of other sailor moon blogs you can follow that are amazing. Lol

At some point I’m going to make links to all my tags.


Ok. A few things.

1) hi new followers!

2) I know I’ve been MIA. I won’t get into personal details but I realize that I’ve been gone long enough for there to be a million fabulous Sailor Moon blogs that you should definitely follow, but I’m glad you still followed mine. :)

3) my posts are pretty much based on whatever episode I’m watching at the time and it tends to really jump around.

4) at some point I’m going to finish my in depth screen caps of the last 5 episodes. I think I left off at 197.

5) but it won’t be until after the holidays. I’m super busy and I just moved so I have to get the internet hooked up again. I’m literally hooking my iPhone up to the computer and posting everything from my iPhone.

Happy holidays everyone!